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The Brewers Are Most F*cking Excellent


I don’t apologise for the title when we’re SO DAMNED SHIT HOT that we beat two end-raid bosses in the same week!  Yes, Ragnaros is finally dead!

Indeed, it feels like barely a week can pass without the Brewers making great boss progress, or actually downing a fresh new boss encounter.  This is especially true this week, where the Brewers have not only made mincemeat out of Deathwing, but then went on to kill the most elusive of bosses – Ragnaros!

In addition, we managed two extra Achievements, as below:

Now there’s no saying the extra gear didn’t help :)   However, this doesn’t detract from the fact that the Brewers have yet another end raid boss under their belt, and will soon be attacking the end game heroics like they’re going out of fashion.

Well done all!

Badgery   x




And anything you heard to the contrary is QUITTER TALK, got that?

In an astounding feat of gameplay, the Brewers reset the Dragon Soul raid and completed all bosses of ‘The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple’ and ‘The Fall of Deathwing’ raid in one fell swoop before taking on the big bitch Deathwing himself.

After 7/8 in one night, it was clear we were on a roll and all stared greedily into Deathwing’s eyes before taking him on, man (and woman) to dragon.

After a couple of attempts we beat our previous record (of the penultimate platform) by landing on the final platform and facing the ultimate challenge.  After a couple of attempts we managed to get Deathwing down to 4% before our heroes started to drop.  In a mad dash attempt to finally kill Deathwing we ignored all adds, ignored our sweaty palms and shaking hands, ignored the gnawing doubt and the frenetic screams as fellow Brewers succumbed to the inevitable damage and went hell-for-leather, no holds barred mad DPS dash at downing the final boss of the Dragon Soul raid.

And thus it was The Brewmasters of Kalimdor killed Deathwing.  /flex

We also received the Destroyer’s End title and achievement!

Well done all, it was excellent work.  The Brewers are now 8/8 in Dragon Soul.

Lori, we genuinely missed you and wished you were with us, my dear.


Badgery x


Brewmasters Kill Bloke On Boat


The Brewmasters sensationally killed a bloke on a boat this evening.

Warmaster Blackhorn proved to be a tough but to crack, the boss encouter spanning several evening’s worth of attempts.  However, surviving phase 1 was clearly to the key to this boss and, once done, the Brewers had little difficulty dispatching Blackhorn himself.

Brewers are DS 6/8!!  Well done guys!





Button-Flickin’ Fun!


Flicking buttons was the order of the day for the Brewmasters’ Ultraxion boss-kill.  By timing our button-flicking precisely, we were able to achieve the desired explosive result, see killshot below:

The Ultraxion kill took us 3 hours at our first attempt of the boss, and puts the Brewers in a healthy 5/8 bosses dead in the Dragon Soul raid.

Well done all, you’ve earned those button-flicking fingers a well-deserved rest!

Badgery x

Quit Whining!


“Quit Whining” was the Brewmasters’ response after Hagara the Stormbinder had screamed “Impossible! NOOOO!” at us.

However, one kill shot later, the Brewers proved Hagara wrong by making the impossible possible.

As usual Borsus selfishly collected all the loot which only left the rest of the gang to /roll 69′s and perform unsparing sexual acts upon each other.  Many thanks Lori :)

Warm flowing regards




Brewmasters Sit On Nuts’ Face Shocker!

And on a lighter note, today saw the Brewmasters gather in a tight circle and collectively sit on Anethia’s face.  Repeatedly.

“I found the experience very rewarding”, admitted a red-faced Elphaba.

Whatever next, eh viewers?

Now sports.

Fancy Dress Raiding Competition!



The Brewmasters of Kalimdor Fancy Dress Raid!

There was no way we could not take advantage of Transmogrification, being the bunch of prissy prima donnas that we are.  We have therefore chosen to fully embrace the new feature by embarking on a new Brewmasters competition, that being ‘The Fancy Dress Raid’.

The rules, subject to review and your comments, are as follows:

- Fancy Dress Raids occur every month
This allows you 4 weeks to gather gear, tweak your look and touch yourself up (no Lori, not that way) for the upcoming raid.

-  There is one Fancy Dress Judge per raid
The judge is the only person in the raid not eligible to win.  The judge will be selected by the Raid Leader at the end of the raid for the following raid.  It will be on rotation so that everyone has the same opportunity to judge, and everyone has the same chance to win.

- Judges may elect a theme for the following Fancy Dress Raid
If a judge so chooses, they may select a theme for their upcoming Fancy Dress Raid (e.g. annual holiday break, profession, etc.).  10 day’s notice should be given by the judge to ensure everyone has sufficient time to tart themselves up.  It should be noted that a variety of annual holiday gear doesn’t have stats and therefore are unable to be used in transmogrification.

- Eligibility
You need to turn up to the raid in your gear transmogged.  Just equipping gear isn’t sufficient – you’ll need to raid in your gear to be eligible.  You will be judged at raid entry, to avoid any new gear received during the raid from affecting your chances, and the winner will be announced at the end of the raid and receive their prize.

- The best-dressed raider wins!
The judge will choose the best-dressed raider.  Their decision is final and it is utterly within their remit to choose whomsoever they wish.  It is advised any favouritism be removed from judging, and that winning contestants are selected solely on their outfit and/or adherence to the theme.

- The prize!
Is 1000g from the guild bank!  Yes, 1000g!  Ooooooh!

- Why?
To introduce a little variety and a touch more insanity into the raid.  And for the cold hard cash of course.  If it gets boring or people don’t like it, we’ll stop.

The first Fancy Dress will begin some time in Dec and will judged by Vod.

Your comments are very welcome – please post and let us know your thoughts!

Kind regards

Dragon Soul Raid – Take One

Patch 4.3 is with us and today saw the Brewers first attempt at the new raid encounter.

First to face our wrath was Morchok.  To quote Wowpedia, ‘The most powerful elemental still under Deathwing’s sway, Morchok — once a passive guardian — is now convinced that his only respite will come with Azeroth’s demise’.  However the Brewers had little trouble dispatching him, performing a one-shot boss kill on our first attempt!

Filled with confidence, and a little alcohol, the Brewers breezed into Warlord Zon’ozz’s den to make swift work of him too.  However, this nut was a little tougher to crack, and we managed to have him in the low 60s% before taking a break and deciding to regroup another day.

An excellent start though, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Brewers are 1/7 in Dragon Soul!

Great work all!

Kind regards


Majorhomo Rear-Ended! Brewers Firelands Progress: 6/7

Majordomo Staghelm felt a sharp stab of pain deep inside today as he faced the Brewers, and we took him up the wrong ‘un.

Well done to Borsus who had the fight all figured out in his head – it was only the execution that stood in the way.

Once Staghelm was well and truly buried, we managed a brief glimpse of Raggy in phase 2 before calling it an evening.  Well done everyone – only Ragnaros left!

Warm regards


Firelands 5/7 – Lord Rhyolith RIP

Progress raids ending in boss kills are coming thick and fast recently.  And they didn’t come any thicker than the slow trudging gait of Lord Rhyolith.  Sadly for him, he came across a strong Brewers raiding team and…  well the below screenshot speaks for itself.

Well, except perhaps for the celebration that Voddy performed after.

Well done all!  Only Majorhomo remains before facing Raggy himself!  Great work team!!

For The Brew!!!


Badgery x